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In April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, killing more than 7,500 in Nepal.

Adrien, our founder, was on a year long world tour traveling in India. He flew directly to Nepal to try to find a way to help first responders.

While thousands of messages of support and love were posted every day on social media, we realized that no one had access to it. Population or volunteers. So Jas, Nico, and Adrien used their knowledge and background to fill that gap and share the love.

We asked the world to share even more visuals using #cwbnepal. In only few hours we received hundreds of creations from over 20 countries. With local young nepalese we organized a projection with a live local band in the heart of Kathmandu to showcase them. It drew in a crowd of over 200 people, who collectively lit their candles to pay condolences to those affected by the earthquake and recharge their energy for the upcoming tough challenges. (Video of the event)

At that point we realized the true power and potential of our creatives skills. CWB was born



12 Month later…

Since then CWB has evolved to 10 team members throughout the world, received more than 60 projects, has a community of more than 3K followers and has reached more than 100k people thru its collaborations. That expansion was made possible by the immense need for creative work nonprofits have but also by the thirst for impact that all creative people have.

Now what…

We’re grown our mission to help social organizations change the world by connecting them with creatives. Our vision is that we believe that social organizations can maximize their impact by being empowered by right the creative resources and guidance – and we’ve already proven that.

We make the creatives’ powers accessible to good causes and ensure nonprofits (small and large, with local or global reach) have opportunities for enhancing mission, message & impact through creative resources and support.

To deliver further on our promise, we’ve evolved our approach to helping causes.

We’ve kept access for all non profits to gain access to a huge pool of talented individuals with the CWB Pool and we created CWB 10 – a 10 weeks programs empowering social organizations through creative projects.

We believe this will enable us to deepen our reach, impact, establish a network of support (mentors, advisors, talent) to promote and support success and rally people around our causes.

We want to celebrate and advocate beauty in everything; creative design can elevate a cause and transform minds!