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Yoga for the People - Julie Joanny gives Hands to Heart Centre a new visual identity

Hands to Heart Centre – Yoga for the People reached out to Creatives Without Borders asking for a graphic designer to create brochures, flyers and posters for the organisation with a new logo to help them reach out to their community. The organisation provide yoga classes to people living with poverty and trauma. Yoga teachers and yoga teachers-in-training lead free yoga classes in low-income communities and in residential programs such as domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters and substance abuse treatment programs. The founder and director is a licensed social worker, licensed K-8 teacher and registered yoga teacher who volunteers her time and donates resources to coordinate the program.

A growing body of evidence shows that yoga is effective in alleviating anxiety, depression, stress and trauma. However, yoga classes are expensive and there are no yoga studios in Boston’s low-income communities of color. Our yoga classes are accessible, inclusive and inspiring. – Susan Lovett, Founder/Director of HTHC

When the project launched the founder Susan Lovett said that flyers and posters would help the organisation to spread the word about their free community-based yoga classes and also help recruit yoga teacher volunteers. 

The talented Julie Joanny from Bordeaux offered her ninja skills and created a new visual identity for Hand to Heat Centre. Julie loves graphic design, travelling and surfing. Through traveling she meet people and discover different ways of living among other things. Surfing is a way of living according to Julie; you can enjoy the nature, stay calm and disconnect from everything.

When I saw Susan’s post on Creatives Without Borders, I was at the beginning of my freelance activity (after years in agencies) and I had time to spend being volunteer. Graphic designer’s job can be really futile, I’m in love with my job but I don’t help people who needs more, I help the one with lot of money… Creatives Without Borders allows you to be useful for people in need. – Julie Joanny, graphic designer

All of HTHC’s yoga classes are taught by trauma-informed, culturally competent 200 and 500-hour trained yoga teachers who volunteer their time. Yoga and mindfulness practices promote wellness, build capacity and increase resilience. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, in any condition, in any location and the HTHC is passionate about sharing this effective resource with people who truly need it.

Hands to Heart is a beautiful project, to me it’s helping people in the same way as surfing for me. To escape and be calm. That’s why I applied for helping them with branding to promote and continue their activity. – Julie Joanny

HTHC was able to print copies of the three postcards that were designed for us and they’ve been distributed to corresponding organisations. One of the postcards is being used to recruit yoga teachers to volunteer with HTHC and have been shared with yoga studios, yoga schools and yoga apparel merchandisers. Another is being used to inform potential community partners about HTHC’s services so those postcards are being shared with nonprofit organisations and high-poverty schools. The third postcard provides general information about HTHC and are being distributed at community meetings and health and wellness organisations.

We’ve received positive feedback on the design of the postcards and we’re very proud of the professional image they promote. Comments from HTHC stakeholders include “Love the new logo – it represents the organisation perfectly” and “Cool logo! Do you sell t-shirts with it?” – Susan Lovett, Founder/Director

The new HTHC logo has been added to the organisation’s stationery, website, forms and contracts. And they are hoping to purchase t-shirts with the new logo for all of our Community Yoga Teachers. 

If you would like to find out more about Hands to Heart Centre you can have a look at their website, Twitter or Facebook page. 

More about Julie and her work you can find here, here, and here

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