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HAGATNA, Guam (AP) – Dozens of clergy alat bantu sex wanita abuse lawsuits are scheduled to go through mediation later this year, but David Lujan, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, says he is prepared to abandon mediation and take the cases to trial.

alat bantu sex wanitaThe Guam Pacific Daily News reports website ) Lujan made the statement Monday as four abuse lawsuits filed against Archbishop Anthony Apuron, who does not want to participate in mediation, but instead wants the federal court to move forward and rule on his motions to dismiss the cases.

A stay has been granted for the cases of accusers represented by Lujan, but a judge Monday denied Lujan’s motion to postpone further action on the lawsuits.

Apuron, through his attorney, succeeded in blocking Lujan’s request to stop a hearing on the motion to dismiss the cases.

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