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Rewamp the logotype of the 100 year old volunteer organisation Service Civil International

The Project

The Association of Service Civil International (SCI) need a graphic designer to revamp their logotype! With their 100 year anniversary coming up SCI want an updated logo that is adaptable to the different platforms used by the organisation.  

Task List

  • Graphic Designer to update and refresh logotype
  • Time Estimated 20 to 30 hours over 8 weeks

Your task will be to:

  • Redesign the organisation’s logotype
  • Make the new logotype applicable in different media

The Organisation

Throughout the years the Belgian organisation SCI has made a major contribution to the development of the main forms of volunteering. Year after year, the organisation enables thousands of volunteers to participate in community projects.

SCI’s mission is to promote a culture of peace by organising international volunteering projects with local and global impact. The organisation consists of 42 branches and an ever growing number of partner organisations.

SCI hope that a refreshed logo and website would lead to them reaching more potential volunteers, organising more workcamps and thus further promoting a culture of peace and ultimately helping them get closer to their vision, a world of peace; social justice and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflict.

SCI envisions a peaceful world with social justice and sustainable development. A world where all people live side by side.

All their activities are guided by their core values including non-violence as a principle and method, international solidarity, respect for the environment, empowering people by providing tool to understand and act in order to make a change.

“Workcamps are a combination of interacting, sharing, working together, supporting each other, expanding one’s horizons, and taking all those precious moments with you. Take them back to where you started and see what happens.” Jessica Lima, on her experience during a workcamp in Idrija organised by SCI’s branch in Slovenia, June, 2016

Since its beginning SCI have helped out with a wide range of voluntary projects. In the beginning the project were usually relief services for regions affected by natural disasters but later moved on to areas of social commitment and humanitarian project. Their history of projects range from collecting rubble in the streets of a village hit by an avalanche in Switzerland to community projects in Wales, development aid in India and refugee support during the Spanish Civil War.


“It was the most unique  and eye opening voluntary experience for me. After working two weeks in this asylum seeker centre, it was so hard for us to say goodbye as our relationship with the kids, residents and the staff were very close. The residents even organized a farewell party to thank us for bringing love in their live., we ourselves are very blessed by them. Sometimes we have to really remind ourselves to count our blessings instead of all of our problems. Love knows no boundaries, races ,age, religion and culture. The things that we did for them might not be great but we did small things with great love. Let us continue to make this world a better place for everyone.” Carmen Chong, a volunteer from SCI Malaysia, on her workcamp experience with SCI Belgium, Workcamp Asylum Seekers Center-Florennes- Centre pour Demandeurs d’Asile de Florennes, August 2016

Know more

You can find their exsisting logo at their website and if you would like to know more about the organisation check them out at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or Youtube! Here you can also see what the volunteers has to say about working for SCI! 

Meet your contact person Ela Suleymangil

I am the Project and Communication Officer at the International Secretariat of Service Civil International (SCI). I oversee all our communication activities as well working on various projects and supporting the Long Term Volunteers at the office. I get to bring my dog to work everyday which is a lovely added bonus of working at SCI!




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